• Elevation in mind power and self-confidence. Stress and depression will be removed. Memory will strengthen.
  • Immune response to threats are increased, body strength is increased resulting in longevity.
  • Pain in the head, back, knees and other joints are healed through yoga.
  • Special yoga techniques will offer relief from harmful diseases.
  • In addition to talking medication, blood sugar levels can be controlled.
  • Yoga will control high blood pressure.
  • Yoga will remove excess body fat.
  • Headaches and migraines can be cured through yoga.
  • Through yoga asthma and other conditions impacting the lungs are healed.
  • Through yoga, toxins from the body can be removed.


Understanding the relationship between the soul and bhagvan is necessary.

Bhagavan or GOD is the source of positive energy, and yoga and meditation is a right way to connect with this energy to eliminate all your physical and mental distress. With constant practice, positive energy and spiritual enlightenment is acquired.

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SGVP Yoga Centre is the only place where Iyengar Yoga is taught. Iyengar Yoga has definitely been derived from the traditional Ashtang Yoga which is mentioned in The Yoga Sutra written by Patanjali. This is a type of Hatha Yoga in which emphasis is on Asanas and Pranayam. Through Asanas, attempts are made to achieve the unity of body, mind, and the soul.

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