De Addiction

Any Drugs (Ganja, cocaine or heroine etc),or Alcohol or Tobacco Addiction, Mental health disorders, stress , fatigue , mental health issues,mobile, porn or game addiction, cardiac or stroke rehabilitation or relationship issues,marital discords,Rekindle passion in life, rejuvenating one self, food and nutritional disorders, liver disease and disorders,parenting and child conduct disorders, child growth ADHD … School and colleges interaction programs, Corporate health and awareness mindfulness and stress busting, issues regards to job , work , health and relationship and interpersonal skills,life coaching or relationship, drugs and Addiction Mental health issues, leading life to it’s full potential for better outcome… online consultation available . We are the first of it’s kind … Utilizing the best of Allopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, wellness & mindfulness… A Harmony , integrated model focusing on a person as whole not symptoms.. I take pride in healing and recovering people from within in rather than only curing symptoms.