eye ophthalmology

The ophthalmology department cures various eye related complications that hamper vision. It includes check-ups, consultation, and treatments for moderate to severe eye conditions.
Our team of ophthalmologists is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for treating glaucoma, cataracts, corneal and external diseases, aesthetics, pediatric ophthalmic diseases, and disorders.
Our hospital ensures patient get utmost care and regain eyesight quickly under supervision of eye-specialists.
World-class facilities are also provided to perform surgery if and when required. Other than that various other facilities that patients are provided are

  • State of art eye operating rooms
  • 24 hours Pharmacy services
  • Special section for post-operation care
  • Utilizes advanced eye care tools for various ophthalmic interventions and treatments
  • Team of efficient doctors and specialists for emergency care