SGVP Yoga Centre is the only place where Iyengar Yoga is taught. Iyengar Yoga has definitely been derived from the traditional Ashtang Yoga which is mentioned in The Yoga Sutra written by Patanjali. This is a type of Hatha Yoga in which emphasis is on Asanas and Pranayam. Through Asanas, attempts are made to achieve the unity of body, mind, and the soul.

While maintaining discipline in health and wellness, this can be a very powerful tool to make the fast-paced life stress-free. There are more than 200 Yoga Mudras and 14 types of Pranayam coming together here. Also, Iyengar Yoga utilizes props like belt, blocks, Yoga mats, Ropes, etc. Using props such as ropes, canes, chair, pillows, and other wooden equipment; people from the age of 9 years to 90 years and even those who have never done Yoga in their life, can do Yoga with ease and with confidence. It boosts your physical fitness, enhances the mind energy, and pumps up the soul power.

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Vipareet Dandasan
Sheershasan Rope


  • Spiritual Yoga Centre spread across 1800 Sq. Ft.
  • Guidance for Yoga Studies by Yoga Consultant Hetal Desai - holding more than 20 years of experience
  • Treatment through the best Iyengar Yoga Technique
  • Special Training and Course for Yoga Teachers on Ashtang Yoga and Iyengar Yoga Technique
  • Yoga done using special props like Belts, Blocks, Chairs, Ropes, and Wooden Equipment
  • Specially designed Yoga and Meditation for patients and their relatives