SGVP Holistic Hospital aims to provide best trusted drugs with high quality standards. We adhere to the highest quality of standards vis-à-vis pharmacy management. We are aware, that medicines, if not maintained at proper temperature could risk an innocent life.

- SGVP Holistic Hospital Pharmacy is open 24×7 to cater to all.

- Extensive range of pharmaceutical medicines surgical and disposables, anti-cancer, lifesaving and general healthcare products.

- Digitalized and standardized billing process.

- Dispensing correct medicines, surgical and /or devices with correct brand name, formulation, strength, batch number, expiry date and correct quantity to the correct patient as per the prescription provided to the pharmacist.

- Timely and effective distribution of pharmacy items.

- To conduct regular quality assurance checks of all dispensing segments are performed, including but not limited to drug dating, refrigeration storage and emergency drug supplies etc.


We, at SGVPHH, take care that the medicines stores in Pharmacy are of a standard quality and are stored at an appropriate temperature and conditions.

SGVPHH Pharmacy is manned and supported by qualified pharmacists and technicians at all times.