SGVP Holistic Hospital has built excellent quality specialized departments where patients receive the required care and individual attention right from the first appointment to the completion of the recommended and chosen treatment.

To carry out the optimum therapeutic modalities with maximum efficiency to restore the function of Kidney in the case of patients with acute renal failure and to give a quality life to patients with Chronic Renal Failure. This has been possible only because of the dedicated and skilled team of Nephrologists and with the constant assistance of the staff at SGVP Holistic Hospital. SGVP Holistic Hospital’s aim to provide a dialysis service with full safety from complications related to the procedure as well as hazard due to the invasive procedure

We strive to give people through our well-qualified staff and latest technology. We stand up front to give people better medical care. We are people’s trust and we would always like to be.


Specialised medical attention by combining judiciously Medical expertise and modern equipment’s for the health care of the people is at affordable Cost.


High-end technology and equipment are utilized for treating the nephrology patients at our best dialysis centre.