Medical Departments

SGVP HOLISTI HOSPITAL is much more than medical experience its all of us caring for patients.

Kidney disease is termed as “silent” disease as no clear symptoms appear in the beginning before they get diagnosed.  To detect disease on early stages our hospital is equipped with some high-end instrument and apparatus.

Further, in order to give enough attention to patient condition and render better treatment the Kidney center is segregated into 2 areas “Nephrology” which treats chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and “Urology” which does the surgical operation of kidneys. Common conditions treated under this section are kidney stones and prostate cancer that requires treatment and operation.


Considering the criticality of the patient’s condition we follow some best practices so the patient doesn't face the inconvenience while going through the treatment. It is due to this medical practice we can proudly say that Dialysis is our strength.  




SGVP Holistic Hospital envisage himself as a systematic medical administrator for the betterment of  healthy society.