Understanding the relationship between the soul and bhagvan is necessary.


Bhagavan or GOD is the source of positive energy, and yoga and meditation is a right way to connect with this energy to eliminate all your physical and mental distress. With constant practice, positive energy and spiritual enlightenment is acquired.



  • Elevation in mind power and self-confidence.
  • Stress and depression will be removed.
  • Memory will strengthen
  • Optimises immune response to threats
  • Body strength is increased resulting in longevity
  • Pain in the head, back, knees and other joints are healed through yoga.
  • Special yoga techniques will offer relief from harmful diseases
  • In addition to taking medication, blood sugar levels can be controlled
  • Yoga will control high blood pressure
  • Yoga will remove excess body fat
  • Headaches and migraines can be cured through yoga
  • Through yoga asthma and other conditions impacting the lungs are healed
  • Through yoga, toxins from the body can be removed.