Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy which involves pouring of lukewarm medicated liquid (Taila, Takra, Ksheera, Kwatha) slowly & steadily over the forehead with constant motion & then allowed to flow over the scalp for a certain period of time.

It is included under one of the varieties of Murdhatailam.
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Shirodhara, a major treatment modality of Keraliya Panchkarma, helps nourish the nervous and blood circulatory system in body.
It is used widely in management of various psycho- somatic disorders due to its effect in balancing hormonal secretions from various endocrine & exocrine glands.
It is used successfully in treating diseases like IBS, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Premenopausal syndrome, Anxiety, Depression etc.